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Made In Sudbury

Bianco's and Sudbury are synonymous. We LOVE that!
To that extent, we're adding a secondary logo to our mix to represent our connection to Sudbury - like when the Blue Jays wear red on Canada Day. To celebrate it, we want to tell you what it means to us. 


Why do you think "Made in Sudbury" is important?

"Made in Sudbury is important because it shows the community that local businesses can succeed amongst the big corporations." - Mike 

"Because I'm proud to be from Sudbury and I think others are too. To live and work here, it's important to me." - Pete

"Bianco's is truly made in Sudbury. We're a family business and we treat our customers like family." - Anne 


What does "Made in Sudbury" mean to you personally?

"I believe it's important that we support our local businesses. Without them, our hard earned money leaves our city. I've got two kids, their future is here." - Marc 

"It means that we were established in Sudbury for the people of this community. Bianco's has been here since 1975, and we'll be here for a long time to come." - Darren


What will "Made in Sudbury" do for people who live here?

"Buying from you neighbours gives you confidence that you are buying a quality product and are being properly informed. There's more on the line for us, we have a reputation of service and quality to uphold for years to come." - Rick

"I've really seen things change in the 30 years of working here. I think this kind of "local first" thinking is more important than it ever has been." - Wayne