30" Bosch Benchmark Induction Cooktop Black With 4 Induction Elements - NITP060UC
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Control at your fingertip.

PreciseSelect® Premium controls on our induction and electric cooktops offer premium usability during cooking. The choice of desired cooking zones, power levels and individual functions are direct and intuitively easy together with a wider LED illuminated display. The light line on power level bar and cooking zones illuminate in a more intense way when one of them has been selected.

The cooktop that makes space for more.

FlexInduction® lets you combine two cooking zones into one for larger cookware. This allows you to accommodate pots and pans up to 9 inches wide and 15 inches long. Induction cooking directly heats your pots and pans instead of the cooktop itself for faster, more efficient cooking. So you have a cooktop that delivers precise results with effortless ease.

Consistent results every time.

AutoChef® applies the perfect amount of heat, without having to fidget with temperature settings. So every pancake comes out golden brown and every steak is seared to perfection. The AutoChef® sensor regulates the temperatures continously during frying and adjusts them precisely if needed.

Simply connected.

In addition to remotely monitoring* the status of every cooking zone, the new induction cooktops offer remote diagnostics for streamlined and efficient service assistance. In the HomeConnect® app, discover delicious recipes and send the appropriate settings straight to your cooktop. *Cooktops are not intended for unattended use - cooking process must be supervised.

Adjust the heat with just a simple slide.

Dishes like risotto require different heat settings at different stages. With PowerMove®'s 3 preset power levels, simply slide your pan across to change the heat level. Once activated by a push of a button, you no longer need to adjust the cooktop temperature: PowerMove® is divided into two separate areas with pre-set power levels. So you can quickly heat or sauté your dish on level 9 and then quickly slide the pan to level one to simmer or keep warm.

Speed up dinner for more moments to savor.

Sometimes you don't want to wait for a pot of water to boil. The SpeedBoost® function on Bosch induction cooktops adds even more power to speed up the cooking process.

Operate your hood by your cooktop.

Allows you to manage the settings for both the cooktop and matching hood, directly from the cooktop itself. From your smart device you can program your hood to start the fan and lighting when turning on your cooktop.

Stores your control settings.

If you turn off the cooktop it saves the last selected setting for a short time. If the cooktop is switched of within a short time again the former settings are still available.

Faster, efficient cooking with induction.

Induction technology directly heats your pots and pans instead of the cooktop itself for faster cooking and precise results.

Smooth Ceramic Glass

The smooth ceramic glass surface makes cooking and cleaning especially easy.

  • DirectSelect Premium: Direct, simple selection of the desired cooking zone, power and additional functions.
  • FlexInduction: provides more flexibility by combining two cooking zones into one larger zone.
  • AutoChef: regulates temperatures continuously during frying and adjusts them precisely as needed.
  • With Home Connect, remotely monitor your cooktop to check if you inadvertently left it on.
  • PowerMove: divides FlexInduction into 3 preset power level zone. Simply move the cookware to change the power level.
Cooktop typeInduction cooktop
Self-sufficient cooker controlSelf-sufficient induction hobs
Type of appliance width80 cm
Total number of cooktop burners4
Dimensions of the heating elements1 x (38,0 x 21,5 cm), 1 x 14,5 cm Ø, 1 x 28,0 cm Ø
Power of the heating elements1 x 1.4 (2.2) kW, 1 x 2.6 (3.6) kW, 2 x 2.2 (3.6) kW
Basic surface materialCeramic
Frame typeFrameless
Variant colorBlack
Energy consumption of hob178.3 Wh/kg
Home ConnectYes
Home Connect FeaturesiService Remote
Cooktop-based hood controlYes
Size and Weight
Dimensions95 x 788 x 540 mm
Overall appliance dimensions (HxWxD) (in)1/4 + 3 3/4 x 31 x 21 1/4 inch(es)
Net weight18.4 kg
Net weight41.000 lbs
Minimum distance from counter front (in)2 1/4 inch (es)
Minimum distance from rear wall (in)2 inch (es)
Cooking zone 1
Location of 1st heating elementfront left
Cooking zone 2
Dimension of 2nd heating element380 x 215 mm / 14.96 x 8.46 inch (es)
Location of 2nd heating elementcenter left
Power of 2nd heating element (W)3.3 kW
Type of 2nd heating elementInduction heating
Energy consumption of 2nd heating element185.0 Wh/kg
Cooking zone 3
Location of 3rd heating elementback left
Cooking zone 4
Location of 4th heating elementmiddle back
Cooking zone 5
Dimension of 5th heating element280 mm / 11.02 inch (es)
Dimension of 5th heating element (in)11 inch (es)
Location of 5th heating elementback right
Power of 5th heating element (W)2.6 kW
Energy consumption of 5th heating element175.0 Wh/kg
Cooking zone 6
Location of 6th heating elementcenter right
Cooking zone 7
Dimension of 7th heating element145 mm
Dimension of 7th heating element (in)6 inch (es)
Location of 7th heating elementfront right
Power of 7th heating element (kW)1.4 kW
Type of 7th heating elementInduction heating
Energy consumption of 7th heating element175.0 Wh/kg
Cooking zone 8
Location of 8th heating elementfront middle / central
Cooking zone 9
Location of 9th heating elementfront centre/cent
Construction type
Color of surfaceBlack
Construction typeBuilt-in
Design - lineFrameless
Number of electric elements0
Number of electric cooking zones3
Type of frameFrameless
Number of gas burners0
Number of halogen elements0
Installation TypeBuilt-in
Total number of cooktop burners4
Number of radiant elements0
Number of electric warming zones0
Residual heat indicatorSeparate
Frequency60 Hz
Energy sourceElectric
Power cord length96 cm
Power cord length (in)37 inch (es)
Watts6,240 W
Design4 Induction Cooking Zones
DesignPreciseSelect® Premium - Direct Cooking Level Selection (17 Settings)
DesignAlso Available with Stainless Steel Frame: NITP060SUC
EfficiencySpeedBoost® - Adds Even More Power to Speed Up the Cooking Process
EfficiencyShortBoost - Ideal for Cooking With Oil, or Pans With Thin Walls or Non-Stick Coating
EfficiencyPotSense™ - Automatically Adjusts Cooking Element to the Size of the Pan Bottom
ConvenienceWith Home Connect™, the Bosch Cooktop and Matching Hood Operate Perfectly in Sync for an Easier Life
ConvenienceUse the Kitchen Timer to Measure Cooking Time or as a Reminder
ConvenienceCount Up Timer – Stopwatch Function That Enables Close Monitoring of the Progress of Each Dish
ConvenienceAutoChef® Frying Sensor With 5 Automatic Programs
ConvenienceKeep Warm Function - Ideal for Melting Chocolate or Butter
ConvenienceReStart - Quickly Reinstates Previous Settings
SafetyChildLock - Prevents the Cooktop from Being Accidentially Switched on. Locks Temperature Settings if in Use.
SafetyDigital 2-Stage Residual Heat Indicator for Each Cooking Zone
SafetyWipe Protection - Quickly Pauses Settings to Clean as You Go